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Privacy Policy Statement

We are part of the API Ltd Corporate Group. Together with our related companies, we strive to ensure your privacy when we handle information about you individually or within the group. In doing so, we have adopted the handling requirements set down in the Commonwealth Privacy Act including the National Privacy Principles. The sorts of personal information that we collect about you, and how we use or disclose that information, depends largely on those of our products and services that you have shown interest in.

With your agreement we keep you informed of other products and services offered by the group. At all times, your information is secure, and when we utilise the services of people outside the group to provide you with our products and services we will request a copy of their privacy policy statement to ensure they comply with the National Privacy Policy principles.

We encourage you to assist in maintaining the accuracy of the information by keeping us advised of any changes in your circumstances. You can contact our Privacy Officers to check the currency of information we hold about you or should you wish to question the manner in which we have dealt with that information.

More detailed information on our privacy handling practices is also available on the API web site or through our Privacy Officers on 02 8844 2102 or 02 8844 2883

Who are we?
API Finance (a division of API Financial Services Pty Ltd)
11 Grand Avenue, Camellia NSW 2142

What do we do?
We source financial services products for our customers. These include loan products, leasing and hire purchase, facilitating bank guarantees and other related products and services.

Privacy Policy
In providing these services to you, we handle information about you. As a minimum, we do so in a way that conforms with the National Privacy Principles, the information handling standards in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. These impact on the way we collect, use / disclose, keep, give access, record and destroy the information about you.

Further Information
More detailed information on our handling practices, including what, why and how we handle personal information is available. You can also find out what information we hold about you.

Statement re collection, use and disclosure of personal information
We, including our related companies, collect personal information to allow us to offer various financial products and services to customers. These include finance products of loans, leases and hire-purchase and other financial services.

The types of information we handle about individuals includes: Name, address, contact details, date of birth, drivers licence details; Next of kin, personal and employer references, trade and supplier references, Financial information including assets and liabilities; Financial history including other current and past credit providers; Tax return.

The purposes that we, together with our corporate group, hold information about individuals are: To provide financial services, including all administrative and operational functions necessary to do so. To tailor those services, or offer new services, to meet a customer's particular needs To comply with relevant legal obligations imposed on us or others we deal with.

We collect information about individuals from them and from other sources, if required. We may also utilise others to collect, use and disclose information on our behalf. In all cases, we take reasonable steps to ensure that the information we collect is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We also safeguard the information to prevent unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We use both paper-based and electronic forms to collect and store the information.

Customers are generally welcome to access information we handle about them to assist maintain its currency and accuracy. On occasions, we may have a right to limit access to particular information. Should this be the case the customer will be advised of the reason and other avenues of access may be explored.

Concerns regarding our privacy management practices can be raised with our Privacy Officer on 02 8844 2102 or 02 8844 2883. We have procedures that will ensure the concern is dealt with in an efficient and effective manner.